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Guidelines For Preparation Of Camera Ready Copy (CRC)
  1. You are advised to address the comments of the reviewers in your final paper appropriately which are intended to help you to improve your paper for final publication.
  2. Indicate the corresponding author by marking * on the his/her name.
  3. Do not include the Dr/Prof/Mr as prefix to author name.
  4. Do not include the author roles like Dean, Asst Prof etc in the affiliation details.
  5. Mention any acknowledgements if necessary at the end of the paper-prior to references. Kindly mention the full name of your institution and city name.
  6. Authors should not give any photo and biography at the end of the paper.
  7. All the Sections/Subsections should be properly indexed.
  8. Cite all figures and Tables in the paper with proper discussion.
  9. The submitted manuscript should be solely from the authors’ own work and not from the work of others (unless explicit permission for the same has been granted). This includes text, figures and tables. Information from published articles must always be cited explicitly. Proper citation is to give the credit to the work that is originally published (not to follow-up work or reviews).
  10. Citations should be given close to the information within the sentences or at the end of the sentence, not after several sentences or near the end of the paragraph. Even when citations are given, exact copying of a whole sentence or paragraphs should be indicated by quotation marks. Furthermore, reuse of part of a published figure or table requires a copyright permission from the publishers that hold the rights. All re-published figures and tables should explicitly indicate the original source.
  11. All references which are cited must be complete in terms of details like: Year of publication, Vol No, Issue No, pages, name of conference/journal etc. wherever required. All references listed in the end (under the reference section of your paper ) must be cited in the body of the text.
  12. Please note that IEEE will make a quality check of each final paper prior to sending it for production. If any issue of plagiarism is detected which is not within the IEEE policy then the paper may be rejected even though authors might have registered. Neither the Editorial board nor the Organizing committee will be responsible in this case. Hence, we advise authors to carefully prepare their final paper.
  13. Strictly follow the paper format given in the Author Info Tab. It is important to follow the IEEE paper format.
  14. This version of the final CRC submitted should not be modified while uploading to the IEEE Xplore.
  15. Imp Point: Authors are strictly and strongly advised to mention the following as DECLARATION before the Reference section if authors are using any non-benchmark images/data and not able to cite the source of these.

“We have taken permission from competent authorities to use the images/data as given in the paper. In case of any dispute in the future, we shall be wholly responsible.”

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